As Dr. Mercola of the website says, "In the grand scheme of all that is wrong with modern agriculture, the unnatural transition that turned cattle (which naturally eat grass) into grain-eating ruminants is at the top of the list." 

After knowing so many reasons everyone should eat grass-fed, it pains us to announce that grass-fed beef is still less than 3% of total beef sales. If you start only purchasing grass-fed, farmers will produce more grass-fed. So to make it simple, here are five reasons you should only buy and eat grass-fed beef.

1. Climate disruption. We've spoken at length how rotational grazing sequesters carbon back into the ground. Here's an inspiring and incredible TED talk by Alan Savory about reversing climate change simply though changing how most farmers raise cattle.

2 The animal's well-being. The horrors of feedlots notwithstanding, the diet alone of grain-fed cattle causes a number of problems for cattle, from bloating to acid indigestion. See more here.

3. Overall cost. As the world's appetite for beef grows, it is obvious that the current way of raising cattle is unsustainable. According to Dr. Mercola, for every 100 food calories of edible crops fed to livestock, we only get back 30 in the form of meat and dairy. The planet can't afford a 70% loss like that.

4. Your health. Grass-fed beef is higher in B and E-vitamins, beta-carotene, minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium, CLA, have a much healthier ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatta acids, and much more.

5. Your weight: In the famous book, Pasture Perfect by Jo Robinson, he points out that if you consume the average amount of meat in the United States (67 pounds per person per year), switching to grass-fed beef will save you over 16,000 calories.

For great info on grass-fed beef, look at these resources: