Join us on this mission!

Every Saturday and Sunday we lead farm tours at noon. Tours are an important part of our mission to help educate the public on what REAL food is and the difference a farm like ours offers in terms of health, the environment and community. We try to reconnect people with where real food comes from while offering interesting facts and stories about the farm and our animals.
This is an invitation to join us in this mission. How? If you haven’t been on a tour please come out. If you have been on a tour please tell your friends and family to come out. Let’s see if we can get all our friends and family members to learn about REAL food.
We’ve been thinking about this a lot lately--what we are doing here and why--especially since we’ve been making plans to put more effort into our non-profit Tara Firma Farms Institute. We started TFF with the intent to educate the public and provide an opportunity to reconnect with your farmer. We believe this is so important for the well being of people and the planet we’ve been trying to figure out how to use the the TFF Institute to expand that education effort ten-fold.

And now we know. The answer is you! By virtue of being a member, buying food or coming on a tour you have joined our mission. We hope you too feel a shared responsibility to get the word out.
Our request: Please, in the next month tell at least two additional families about what we have going on and encourage them to visit and take a tour. We'll give you lots of rewards for helping spread our word but none of those will feel as good helping people learn what you know about REAL food.


Your Tara Firma Farmers