WE ARE HAPPY TO LEARN SO MANY OF YOU are making our holiday meats part of your holiday tradition. Each year we try to come up with different cuts to be eaten as a family feast and this year we’re offering some favorites and a couple new items. All our meat is grown using the same pasture-raised process as you have come to expect from us with no chemical or medication whatsoever. So start a tradition with a specific special cut or vary and try different cuts each year!


**FEATURED NEW** Porchetta $16/lb.
Porchetta is a traditional Italian cut rolled roast made by leaving the loin attached to the belly (can you say bacon?) then rolling and tying it. This makes a 20-30 lb. roll of the richest, moistest pork roast imaginable. As an added treat we are going to leave the skin on so the meat will be cased in crackling when done. The real fun with porchetta begins before cooking when you unroll your roast, use your imagination to add seasoning in the middle and then re-roll and tie it to make your customized treat. Try salt (hand-rubbed first then let sit), garlic, fennel, pepper, red pepper, citrus zest, rosemary, and sage. Cook as you would a pork roast--it’s very hard to overcook so just make sure it’s fully done.
(Minimum of four pounds per order. Plan on one or two pounds per-person depending on how many leftovers you want).


Whole Smoked Ham$16/lb.
These choice cuts start with a 20-lb. leg from our pasture-raised dairy-fed pigs. We either leave them whole or cut them in half then cure in all-natural ingredients: sea salt, brown sugar, and celery seed base (a natural preservative) with no chemical nitrates. If you like a big ham you’ll love these. We had these last year and got great feedback.

Pork Rib Roast $20/lb.
This is the same cut as a beef standing rib roast to offer you the pork chops presented as a roast. Typically you’d cut these as you would prime rib in slabs and we recommend leaving them slightly rare. We are offering a whole which will be ten ribs and weigh eight-to-ten pounds or a half roast.

Pork Tenderloin $25/lb.
This is the filet of the pig--melt in your mouth tender and perfect if you have a smaller group wanting a modest but special roast. Alternatively, cut into medallions and serve as an appetizer. We are going to hold some of our pork tenderloins fresh and they come in at between one and two pounds each.

Beef Standing Rib Roast $27/lb.
These are bone-in fat cap on to ensure they are the ultimate in juicy perfection. We recommend cooking to medium rare and cutting as a prime rib. We are offering whole or half roasts with a whole being seven ribs and weighing approximately twelve pounds. These are extremely popular and have become a tradition for many of our members.

Beef Tenderloin $35/lb.
Have you ever had a whole beef tenderloin prepared as a roast? They are truly magnificent, melt-in-your-mouth juicy with unbelievable flavor. These should run three-to-four pounds each.

Turkey $7/lb.
These are the same birds we offer every Thanksgiving. The sizes vary but we have quite a number very big birds in the thirty pounds range. Plan your feast now and invite the whole family or better yet the whole neighborhood!