Our webstore is now packed full with our most popular cuts!

Our webstore is now packed full with our most popular cuts!

Hi folks, Adam T here:

The wet winter we had resulted in the best grass-growing conditions our farm has seen in many years.

After months of healthy feeding in our lush pastures, a number of the animals in our herds have been taken to harvest -- and so our store shelves are now packed with our most popular meat cuts!

With the official start of summer fast approaching, be sure to browse through our online store and order the cuts you want on-hand for your family barbecues and dinners.

For you grillers, we have tri-tipflank steakSt. Louis pork ribs, and every chicken cutyou can imagine. Yes, we have lamb, too!

And we have plenty of ground chuck, which makes the best burgers. Here's a handy tip when forming your patties: make them thinner in the middle and thicker around the outside. That way they won't ball up on the grill as you turn them over.

Also back by popular demand: Garlic & Ginger and Apple Fennel pork sausage! These crowd-pleasers are welcomely received at both breakfast or dinner.

So stock up for summer today. And as always, if you have questions or would like some guidance in determining what cuts are best for your pantry, contact us anytime!

And if you find yourself with some free time on the weekends, come visit us on Saturday or Sunday at noon for one of our free farm tours. The baby owl chicks living in our drive-through barn are all grown up now and love to pose for the camera:

These little guys are not camera shy...

These little guys are not camera shy...


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