Goats are not animals of Satan even though they have rectangular-shaped pupils (still a little creepy if you have seen any movies with this stuff in it).       

Chickens are omnivores and will tear apart small rodents with a vengeance. We have little-to-no rodents where chickens have been. They are great for an established garden!    

Roosters, well some of them should be in chicken jail for abuse, if you know what I mean.  

Pigs are just about the funniest silliest animals on the farm. They run, flip and twist even at 200lbs which is more than I can say for most of us. And why aren’t pigs milked? I get this question all the time. I guess it has to do with the pig not particularly willing to stand for milking? 

Hens have eggs inside them like fish do--100’s of them and one moves down the path, earns a shell and eventually pops out. The question of whether the eggs we have are fertilized? Yes, some. There are roosters present. Probably a more important question is does it matter? If the eggs are put in cartons every day and sold it doesn’t as there is no change in the egg. The real source of the flavor change between store bought and fertilized eggs is that the hens were raised on pasture with no stress, as opposed to the input from the rooster (public apology to all roosters).      

Did you realize that when we die and if we are not in a steel casket, we will become microbial food which then poops and grasses eat the poop. Cows eat the grass…so in essence, literally cows eat people. Think about it. Beware the cow.          

And some non-farm animals...

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realize that you had thought something was a certain way and suddenly you find out you were wrong. Case in point: My son Jake and I were standing next to the Pink Flamingo exhibit at the San Francisco Zoo. He was 12 at the time. He turned to me and said “you have got to be kidding. Pink Flamingos have 2 legs? I have always thought they have one”. 

What about the camel? I saw a camel last week and my friend asked me if the camel hump would shrink or swell depending on if it had water to drink or not. Then it hit me. I have always thought that people who crossed the desert on camels did so because they could use the camel's water. Now I never thought through it, obviously, but I am still cracking up that I had this casual thought my entire life. As if the traveler could put a spigot in the camel hump and pour. 

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