Things sure are different now from my prior corporate life. Here are a few items that have come to mind recently:

  • Changing clothes everyday used to be an everyday task….
  • Ten hours of physical work exhausts me and I don’t wonder what I should do should there be a moment of free time. 
  • There is no time for gossip when all the time is taken up by hard work.
  • In my prior career, long term care insurance, everyone had an opinion of how things should be done.  In farming very few have any opinion at all. Scary.
  • Driving down the road I used to see the landscape. Now I see the possibility of grazing, number of cows, could chickens live there, is there shade for pigs, etc….
  • Cowboy hats were for posers. Now they protect my face from sun.
  • Cowboy boots are for fashion. They still are. No real farm worker wears cowboy boots for work. 
  • It is fine to allow the local possum to eat out of the cereal box at 2am. Just shut the bedroom doors. While they leave the box on the floor, they don’t leave a mess.

  • Levi's are the best jeans. Those $150 brand-name jeans, look good but don’t hold up to a chicken brooder cleaning.

  • I used to be proud of the days in a row I would work out. Now I am proud of the number of days I can last in the same clothes. There is a drought you know.

  • Cats can last at least five hours in the walk-in freezer.

  • Wiping a large turkey poop off my leg doesn’t bother me but scraping plates of leftover food into the compost bucket gags me. What is up with that?

  • Twelve days without a shower is not a record to brag about.


To the good folks who raise backyard chickens and abandon the unexpected rooster in our driveway like an old the middle of the night...expecting we will take care of the loud, crowing SOB:  Ever heard of stewing hens?  

Your Farmer,