Using Tara Firma Wings is a good start...but there's an art to making great wings and we know it's not using your phone to order a few dozen. Here are five great recipes we've rounded up:

1. You like them hot and grilled? Try this spicy, garlic-y grilled habenero barbecue wings. 

2. Korean Fried Chicken is the new KFC and Korean wings are light and delicious. 

3. We normally don't tap into a gourmet outfit like Bon Appetit for wing recipes but their classic extra-crispy wings with a corn starch dredge are right on target!

4. The Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY is credited as having invented the Buffalo wing and many people still claim it's the best. Here's a "best estimate" of the

5. We're big fans of Alton Brown and here's his tried and true Buffalo Wings.