Did you know?

The CSA membership is SO much more than getting customized meat orders delivered right to your door. Our farm is your farm! We want you to feel at home. As a CSA member you have FREE access any day of the week to fun activities such as:

  • Hiking, trail running, or mountain biking up to our Sonoma County vista point
  • Catch and release fishing
  • Bring your dog for a walk (on leash)
  • Grilling and picnics (call ahead to reserve grill - farm store is open daily for meat purchase!)
  • Free farm tours every Saturday and Sunday at noon
  • Discounts on fun events at the farm like our Harvest Barn Dance or Pumpkins on Pikes coming up!

Are you in a meet up group, fitness club, kid's camp, mom's group, etc. and need a place to gather?

As a CSA member we welcome you to use our farm as a free gathering space to connect with other people in the community and enjoy the sunshine.

*Please call or email ahead of time so we can reserve dedicated space for you*

Not a CSA Member but Want the Perks?

We are now offering an Annual Farm Access Pass for $150 to anyone interested in using our land for recreational use. Proceeds from the pass will go towards our non-profit, Tara Firma Farms Institute, to educate our friends, families, and community about their local food source, share and develop techniques for proper animal and pasture management, and to promote knowing your farmer!

Hope to see you on the farm!

Kris, Oona, and family