• 1 banana
  • 1 cup chopped, de-ribbed kale (you can also use spinach or chard)
  • 1 cup frozen fruit
  • 1 cup cold water (add more if you like your smoothies less thick)
  • Optional add-ins:
    • yogurt
    • protein powder
    • extra veggies- we like carrots and beets
    • fresh squeezed orange juice
    • Coconut water
    • Rice, almond or soy milk


1. Add all ingredients to your blender and blend on highest setting until silky smooth.

2. Taste and add banana if it's too bitter, water if it's too thick.

3. Serve, drink, enjoy!

Pro tip: feel free to mix and match ingredients, but the core of any good green drink is kale, banana and water. We like to make them huge and add all kinds of healthy ingredients!