Kris, Oona, and their family bought Tara Firma Farms (TFF) last year to know exactly how their meat was being raised and to provide you with that same information. We want you to feel apart of the process, which includes knowing it. We bring you complete transparency from our animals, to our staff, to our partners. Call or stop by and ask us any questions you have!

Meet our Animals

At Tara Firma Farms all of our animals are pasture raised on certified organic land. Our beef is 100% grass fed. Our chickens and turkeys run around and eat bugs. Our pigs eat organic food scraps from Mark's company, Good Earth Natural Foods. We think beautiful views, sunshine, and fresh air produce the tastiest meat. Click on the images above to learn more or come on a free farm tour to meet the animals in person! We also have pet goats :)

Meet our Staff

On the farm we have the best team who values the mission of the company, the animals we raise, and the people we serve. Call or come in and say hi to meet the whole team!


Patrick - Lead Ranch Hand

Patrick has been a part of the Tara Firma Family for over three years. He provides a wealth of experience and knowledge on all facets of farm life and is certainly our go-to guy when faced with any problem. In his free time, Pat enjoys eating at Rays Deli in town and playing the latest Xbox game.



Elizabeth - Customer Services Coordinator and Tour Guru

Elizabeth is here to promote and learn about sustainability. Her heart belongs to the animals and plants, and loves to make members and visitors feel part of the family here at TFF. In her free time, she reads tarot professionally, plays with her cat, explores nature, and laughs.


Jesse - Pack House Extraordinaire

Jesse is in charge of making sure our customers get what they order! He works in the Pack House during the week stocking our freezers, filling bags, and helping out when you come into the Farm Store. He's lived in the Bay Area for decades and in his spare time loves tinkering with cars, welding, and raising his beautiful daughter!


We're Hiring!

Know someone fantastic or think you'd be a great fit for our team? We're hiring additional customer service and marketing support! Respond with a resume and cover letter or pass along our Good Food Jobs ad!

Meet Our Partners

Working with live animals is tricky. We can only get a certain amount of each cut per animal and our land can only support a certain amount of animals without getting trashed. So to help meet demand of our most popular cuts, while remaining environmentally responsible, we partner with local farms with a similar mission. All of our partners have high integrity raising and processing practices. We also carry fun add on items like produce, cheese, barbecue sauce, and honey. Click below to learn more about each partner, their practices, and what they provide TFF:

First Light Farm - organic produce 

D.G. Langley Ranch - pasture raised pork

Sonoma County Meat Company - processing facility/smoke house

Marin Sun Farms - slaughter/processing facility

Nicasio Valley Ranch - pasture raised eggs, organic cheese

Big Bluff Ranch - pasture raised chicken

Jensen Family Ranch - pasture raised lamb

BN Ranch - pasture raised lamb, pasture raised turkeys

Marshall's Honey - raw organic local honey

You can check out TFF and our partner's products in the Webstore!

In addition to our standard shares, we offer the ability to do a custom share. Simply pick out what looks good (or what's on sale!) in our Webstore and we'll deliver it right to your door. You can also stop by anytime between 10 am - 6 pm to purchase from our Farm Store and say hi the crew!

Hope to see you at the farm soon!

The Tara Firma Crew