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Thanksgiving Turkey Time!

Thanksgiving starts early here at Tara Firma Farms as we work on raising amazing birds for your dinner table. As you can see from the little guy in Farmer Oona's hands, we're still a ways away from the holidays but we want to give you the opportunity to guarantee your bird in advance.

This year we have two different breeds of Tara Firma Farms turkeys, as well as two different breeds from our partners at BN Ranch.

If you're on a budget but still want to feed your family delicious high quality poultry, we are also selling frozen turkeys you can defrost in the days leading up to Thanksgiving dinner (or we can defrost it for you upon request). In our experience, a thawed pastured turkey is exceptional in its own right!

Click below to reserve your turkey and come visit us on the farm to meet your bird!

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baby turkeys