Dear Sonoma County,

Our hearts go out to our members who have lost their homes or are still evacuated and unsure. As we go through the next few weeks and figure out what the "new normal" looks like in our area, please let us know if you need a temporary hold or to change your address.

If school is closed and your children are getting antsy inside, air quality out on the farm is O.K. so we're open all week! Bring a mask just in case and come out and walk around the farm to let your kids run out their energy. 

kids and pigs

Between now and November 17th, we are selling a local Santa Rosa product in our Webstore with all proceeds going towards fire recovery efforts. 

Trailside Kitchen is a locally owned company that runs a 4-week nutrition program for active outdoor people and also sells a Dark Drinking Chocolate with Grass Fed Collagen

Trailside Kitchen

Consuming collagen from grass fed cows helps to support healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints. Favorite ways to use this drinking chocolate include in coffee, yogurt, oatmeal, or smoothies for added protein and fat. See more recipe ideas here.

Hope to see you on the farm soon and be safe out there!

Your Tara Firma Farms team

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