Selecting a Turkey Breed for Thanksgiving

Picking a bird for the big day can feel confusing so we want to tell you a little bit about the different options so that you can feel sure the one you're buying is going to be a crowd pleaser at Thanksgiving dinner.

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Heritage Turkeys

These special birds are genetically closer to wild turkeys. Their slow growth rate leads to a long lifespan filled with a lot of running around, which makes for more developed leg meat. The ratio of white to dark meat on a heritage turkey is about 50/50.

Heritage turkeys are well known for their rich flavor, exceptional dark meat and a smaller breast than conventional turkeys. They come from a mixed stock of heritage breeds including White Holland, Narragansett, Spanish Black, and Bourbon Red. We have a limited number of heritage birds so if you want one for the big day, reserve it soon!

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Broad-Breasted Turkeys

Broad breasted turkeys are the most common breed available for Thanksgiving dinner due to the breed's well developed breast meat. Conventionally raised Thanksgiving birds are only white feathered birds due to the desire for feathers to be less noticeable to the consumer if a few strays remain after the plucking process. We raise both white and bronze feathered broad breasted turkeys at Tara Firma Farms!

Broad-breasted turkeys are known for their milder flavor and larger breast than heritage turkeys. It will contain more white meat than dark meat. Since they grow faster than their heritage counterparts, they are less expensive per pound. 

Come Meet the Birds!

Join us for a free farm tour every Saturday and Sunday at noon to meet your bird and watch it grow! If you are a CSA member, remember that you get access to the farm daily between 10 am - 6 pm so feel free to go on a nice walk and check them out.

We sell both fresh and frozen turkeys to meet all your budgetary needs!

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