The Tara Firma Farms Institute (TFFI) was founded with a clear goal: to educate our friends, families, and communities about their local food shelter, share and develop techniques for proper animal and pasture management, and to promote knowing your farmers!

The Institute has been proud to host over 10,000 visitors on free tours of Tara Firma Farms from its inception.  We have spread awareness, held workshops and classes for our community, and held events and fundraisers for ours and other non profit organizations.  The journey continues in 2017 with our mission to create the Knowledge Bank, a teacher's go-to resource to educate their classes and communities about small farms, environmentally sustainable farming, and the social and political climate surrounding our food infrastructure.  

Guided Tours

The Institute offers free tours of Tara Firma Farms at Noon every Saturday & Sunday.  

Private, guided tours for Schools, Non-profits, and Community Groups are available by reservation year round depending on availability.


Educational Resources

The Institute is committed to building our Knowledge Bank, hosted for free, with Educational Resources  for students and community members interested in learning more about sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, great food/recipes, and everything related.



The Institute hosts a number of events, talks, and workshops throughout the year.

Classes are centered around providing hands on experience and training to community members interested in local and sustainable agriculture, community building, and having fun!

Interested in supporting the Tara Firma Farms Institute?

The efforts of the Institute would not be possible without our network of donors and volunteers: