In 2009, Tara Firma Farms set off on a mission to create a local, sustainable network of friends, families, and farmers, to raise and procure the highest quality animals possible, and to allow our community full access to our farm.

Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program and its over 600 active members are a testament to our members' dedication to local, sustainable, and healthy food.  We only raise and source the highest quality, pasture raised, antibiotic/hormone free, and non-GMO animals within our local foodshed.

Our 260 acre farm is family owned & operated in beautiful Petaluma, California; Come visit soon!

It’s both our goal and passion to provide you and your family with sustainable, local, and ethical sources to feed your family.
— Owner, Kris Eldridge-Squire
Tara Firma Farms and their CSA have changed the way my family and I look at food and our community.
— Shelley O
From the beautiful landscape to the ethically, sustainably raised animals and the dedicated, joyful farm staff, Tara Firma is the absolute best for us city folk!
— Julie J