This means no sugar, grains, legumes, or anything "in a box" with more than a couple of ingredients. The paleo way is to ask: could my ancestors have prepared this? If yes- go for it. Our digestive system is the key player here. Just like cows, humans did not evolve to eat grains. Cows have had grass as their primary source of food in their evolutionary cycle. We humans have also had a certain diet for thousands of years- it is only in the most recent turn of the century that new, processed foods have come into contact with our bodies.

What does this mean? Well, let's go back to the cows. When cows eat grains, their immune system is compromised. They get fat because they cannot digest it. While the fat cow is favored by coorporations and commercial farms, it is simply not sustainable for the planet-ethical in the animal's case! 

All of this relates to humans too. If we are ingesting processed foods and sugars, bloated, with our bodies consistently fighting to digest what cannot be naturally digested, we in turn become stressed- from the inside out.

Focus on eating real foods. Eating protein, healthy fats and plenty of vegetables is the foundation to eating a paleo lifestyle.

Meat and animal fats are highly recommended. When animals eat as nature intended, and we eat the meat from that animal, we too are nourished as such. When we eat meat from an animal who was stressed, eating food that doesn't work with their system, we will take on that stress.

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We don't want you or your body to stress.  We pasture raise our animals and let our cows graze grass their whole lives so they live well too. It can be stressful buying meat. Most of us don't know where it comes from and most farms don't allow visitors on their premises. It can be sketchy.

We are an example of a sustainable local food system that wants the process to be natural, ethical, and respectful to the land and its inhabitants. 

We have bones for broth, 100% grass fed beef, and pastured pork, chicken and lamb. We also have pork fat so you can render it and save big on your cooking items. (for information on cooking with fat and why it is important for our health and for our taste buds, check out our blog post on it here). We even have paleo friendly foods that are hard to find elsewhere, like paleo bacon- that's right, no sugar!

Even if you don't eat paleo, consider taking on the important role of eating 100% grass fed beef and other pastured meats. It is better for our bodies and much more sustainable. AND TASTIER!  Commercial agriculture feeds their animals foods that force them to use antibiotics to make up for the compromised immune system. Why not cut out the bad diet and keep our animals happy so we do not have to give them drugs and hormones? A shocking fact is that 80% of antibiotics in the USA are used on animals that are consumed for food. This lowers our antibiotic resistance. It is a flawed and careless system. 

Eating paleo can potentially help you live a healthier life, lose weight, and leave a smaller footprint. Less processed foods in your kitchen means less fuel, low wages, and support to money hungry institutions. The more you know, the better we can implement a healthy food system.


Sounds awesome. Where do i start?

1. High in fat, moderate in animal protein, low to moderate in carbohydrates

2. Eat generous amounts of saturated fats like butter, pork fat, ghee, and coconut oil. Note that sourcing from grass fed beef/ pastured pork is crucial for health and wellbeing. This way we can eliminate any unnecesary processing ---cook with fats and save your oils for raw drizzling over salads (check out the fat blog for more info)

3. Eat good amount of healthy animal protein- we have eggs, red meat, pork, and poultry for all of your shopping needs. Make some broth! We have a nice blog on how to do so.

4. Eat plentiful amounts of vegetables and a low amount of fruit (go for the low sugar kinds).

5. Cut out grains and legumes, sugar, veggie oils, and dairy (consider raw, full-fat, and fermented kinds).

6. Eliminate external stress as much as possible and learn self-care. Stress is a huge factor in health and happiness!

7. Consider taking probiotics and vitamin D supplements (did you know pork fat has the highest content of natural vitamin D?)


Health is wellness and we are huge proponents of this. Together, we can inspire a healthy food model for this country, regain our vitality, and say no to foods that don't support our natural state!