Our office team is responsible for coordinating with the ranch and partner farms, providing customer service to our CSA members, and upholding the values of our CSA program with every decision and relationship.  They work to make sure that our members are happy with their deliveries, are informed on where their food comes from, and are always looking for ways to improve!


Kris - Owner / CSA Manager

Owner, Manager, and father, Kris has a lot on his plate here at the farm.  After years in commercial construction, running a CSA has been a refreshing change of pace.  Kris really cares about the quality of service we provide our CSA members.  In his free time, Kris enjoys riding his bike, camping, and playing with his son.


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James - Marketing & Campaign Manager

James started working the Farm Store on weekends while taking classes at Sonoma State almost three years ago. James has worked here at the farm in a variety of capacities since then - as a driver, packer, farmer's market attendant, and ranch hand - and currently helps run the day to day operations of the CSA.  He is in charge of outreach, marketing, and customer service.  In his free time, you can catch James for a game of Frisbee in the parking lot outside the Farm Store!


Elizabeth - Customer Services Coordinator

Elizabeth is here to promote and learn about sustainability.  Her heart belongs to the animals and plants, and loves to make members and visitors feel part of the family here at TFF.  She believes food is medicine, and looks forward to meals that can be both healthy and delicious.  In her free time, she makes jewelry, practices yoga anywhere nature allows, plays with her cat, and does intuitive readings.


Jesse - Pack House Extraordinaire 

Jesse is in charge of making sure our customers get what they order!  He works in the Pack House during the week, stocking our freezers, filling bags, and helping out when you come into the Farm Store.  He's lived in the Bay Area for decades and in his spare time loves tinkering with cars, welding, and raising his beautiful daughter!



Jon - Pack House Viking

Jon comes in a couple days a week to help with our busier days of packing.  Despite the unfortunate Seahawks hat (Go 49ers), he's got a great sense of humor and work ethic.  He's an animal lover and in his spare time a metal fan and quality beer enthusiast.