STewards of the land

Our ranch team is responsible for the day to day vitality of the animals and property.  They start early, end late, and more often than not come home a bit muddy.  Their dedication to their work, the health and quality of our animals, and preservation of the land drives their daily work.  As a family farm, we feel it is important to celebrate and recognize our family and community that have made our dream come true.  Tara Firma Farm's wouldn't be possible without the help of all of the individuals below:


Oona Squire - Ranch Manager

Oona is in charge of the day to day operations of the farm and helps plan events.  She enjoys making art, cooking, and tending to the gardens in her spare time, and has a beautiful two year old son (Future Farmer!)


Patrick Hanson -  Lead Ranch Hand

Patrick has been a part of the Tara Firma Family for over three years.  He provides a wealth of experience and knowledge on all facets of farm life and is certainly our go-to guy when faced with any problem.  In his free time, Pat enjoys eating at Rays Deli in town, and playing the latest Xbox game.