Heritage & Broad Breasted 


Let's talk turkey...

Generally speaking, Turkeys are smart, playful, and curious about humans. They will come to you when you approach their paddock! The Turkeys we raise spend one month in our brooder as chicks. From then on, they need little from humans, and are good to go on pasture.  Turkeys are omnivores who love to eat grass, bugs, and small rodents.  They also enjoy apples, pears and most fruits.  The difference in texture and flavor from pasture raised Turkey is shocking compared to the typical bird sold in a grocery store.  

We raise a small number of Turkeys here on the farm (in accordance with the natural carrying capacity of our Pastures) and source the remaining demand from our amazing partners at BN Ranch.  Bill Niman (founder of BN Ranch) has been one of the leaders in California sustainable agriculture for the last two decades and we are proud to work with him to supply our community with the highest quality Turkeys possible.




Hormone and Antibiotic Free

Fed Non-GMO Feed

Rotationally Grazed On Nutrient Dense Pasture

Live In Low Stress Environments

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